ScanCom is the world leader in manufacturing garden furniture from beautiful tropical hardwoods. After having been finely sanded, and impregnated and treated with non-toxic natural oils, our products achieve an unparalleled first-class finish.
Hardwood products are manufactured either through our highly developed and trusted network of contract manufacturers or at our own production facilities in Vietnam. All products are made in accordance with ScanCom’s high quality and environmental demands and all Hardwood used is FSC® certified in line with our “Doing Business the Right Way” philosophy. Well-trained and qualified employees carefully control all processed and finished products.
ScanCom product - Hardwood with FSC
Our Petan® furniture range is one of the most sought after product types in our product range. The demand for Petan® furniture has increased dramatically over the last few years – partly because of the high quality of this artificial rattan fibre, and partly due to the exclusive design and superb comfort of the furniture. Petan® is the strongest and most durable artificial rattan fibre on the market and is extremely weather resistant, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
ScanCom product - Petan
ScanCom product - Aluminium
This light and extremely weather-resistant material is an increasingly popular choice for garden furniture.
Our aluminium products now come in even more attractive, comfortable designs and can combine the aluminium frame with other materials such as wooden slats, Weather-NET® or Petan®-woven resin fibers.
ScanCom product - Teak
All our teak furniture is produced in Semarang, Indonesia. About 500 employees are responsible for all stages of production – from finishing and quality control to product labeling and final delivery to customers.
As with all our products, ScanCom’s teakwood furniture is of superior quality. Our strict quality control processes are applied at every stage of production, as well as packaging and shipping.
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
Durawood® made by ScanCom is a revolutionary material obtained from the mixture of sawdust from FSC® certified hardwood and polyethylene fully recyclable plastic. Furthermore, color pigment and UV stabilizers are especially added to assure that ScanCom's Durawood quality is the highest possible.
Durawood in many ways is superior to wood where it is significantly improved in terms of avoiding cupping, splitting, splinters, decay and discoloration.
ScanCom product - Wood Plastic Composite / Durawood
Painted Wood
ScanCom’s painted series beautifully combines simplicity and elegance to offer a distinct design that will never go out of style.
ScanCom has developed a wide range of classic and contemporary models.
Together with the industries top paint specialists, we have developed an extremely durable paint for outdoor furniture use. This specially developed acrylic, water-based paint has a high percentage of rubber which allows the furniture to breathe. Moisture can enter and leave through the paint preventing it from cracking or peeling.
ScanCom product - Painted Wood
ScanCom product - Steel
ScanCom’s steel range includes an exclusive series of high-quality mesh furniture products. A thick layer of a specially developed, quality coating offers increased durability and comfort to the user. ScanCom only uses top-of-the-line coatings from renowned suppliers.
All steel products are manufactured in ScanCom’s own modern metal factory.
ScanCom product - Cushion
The ScanCom collection of quality cushions and parasols has been rapidly growing since 1996. ScanCom is one of Europe’s leading outdoor cushion manufacturers, offering a wide array of styles and models for all garden furniture.
Our stylish cushions are made from top quality Weather-TEX® – a soft polyester yarn dyed with Ciba colours. Weather-TEX® has been developed especially for outdoor use. It is colourful, weatherproof, washable, non-shrinking and fast drying.
In addition, our cushions are filled with the right combination of foam and fibres to improve ventilation and maximise comfort.
ScanCom product - Maintenance
ScanCom manufactures a complete range of uniquely-developed and tested maintenance products that provide lifelong durability and lasting beauty for garden and outdoor furniture.
Products in the wooden series also include sealing oils, revivers, paints, lacquers and cleansing accessories. All cushions and parasol products are similarly delivered with cleansing and protection solutions. ScanCom also produces protection solutions and polishes for all aluminium and plastic-based products.