5 Ways ScanCom is Doing Business the Right Way

ScanCom’s corporate vision is founded on our principle of Doing Business the Right Way, a slogan and approach that can be applied to all areas of our operation. Here are 5 ways that ScanCom is conducting its business in the RIGHT way- for us, our suppliers, customers and communities:


 to the communities we operate in and the environment that surrounds us all. We consistently demonstrate our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in every area of our business, every single day. It is intrinsic to operations on a daily basis and informs decisions made at every level. CSR at ScanCom isn’t about special initiatives and projects, it’s who we are and what we do every single day.


 in design and production is the foundation of ScanCom’s continued growth and success over the last 22 years. We’re always looking for ways to create value for our customers and finding ways to make improvements throughout the operation. On average, we produce around 750 new products a year, all of which are environmentally friendly and innovative in design.


 value for our customers through close collaboration and partnership - the exchange of ideas is where true innovation begins. We deliver products and a level of service that meet the individual needs of customers- we know that customer satisfaction helps both our businesses to grow.


 production facilities make use of state-of-the-art technology and we lead the way in terms of automated manufacturing at our facility in Vietnam - our wood factory is recognised as the most efficient in Asia. Advanced technology also allows us to develop our own unique, premium-quality materials that are specially formulated for outdoor use in a range of climates - like our new Duraboard® for table tops.


 to the highest international standards for safety, strength and durability is carried out at our in-house test centre - over 4,000 products were tested last year.Testing in-house allows us to maintain the highest standards possible and is beneficial in terms of savings in time and cost for our customers.