Manufacturing Facilities

At ScanCom we know that on-going improvement of all areas of our business is vital to maintaining our position as the leading global manufacturer of sustainable, premium-quality outdoor furniture. High levels of quality, safety and efficiency at our manufacturing and production facilities are obviously essential to the aim of “Doing Business the Right Way” which is why we continually develop and invest in our factories and facilities.

Our industry-leading production facilities are based in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam and those sites are equipped with highly advanced technology and state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to both enhance our sustainability and operational efficiency. This commitment to improvement and development enables ScanCom to produce great-looking, innovative products and materials which are friendly to the environment. Our production managers are highly experienced experts in their area and this iss also integral to the smooth operation of the world-class facilities we have. As industry-leaders in CSR we also seek to make our facilities as safe as possible for all of our staff.

Watching the cutting-edge technology we have within all our facilities is a dazzling experience that we think all our customers should be aware of. Here at ScanCom we understand that a huge part of our success over the last 21 years has been the continual drive to upgrade our facilities and diversify our production techniques.