Social Accountability

ScanCom strives to deliver the highest standards and behavior relating to corporate social compliance and a strict – but fair – Code of Conduct used both in-house and for our business partners.

ScanCom is committed to supporting labor rights and protection in the workplace. This includes the complete abolition of child labor, the elimination of forced labor, freedom of association, and the elimination of any form of discrimination.

It is important for ScanCom to assure respect for human and labor rights. Key features of this are: BSCI monitoring of all operations in Vietnam since 2008, SA 8000 certificates for the operations in Brazil (2012) and Indonesia (2001), and having our own Code of Conduct. OHSAS 18001 certification for health and safety management was obtained for the Vietnamese operation in 2014.

Being signatory to the UN Global Compact, in addition to BSCI monitoring and certifications, sends a clear signal to all our stakeholders that we are committed to doing business the right way and also supports our activities in terms of meeting the CSR requirements of our global customers.

Social Compliance Statement

ScanCom commits to fully respect the International Standards, Acts, Conventions, Declarations and the Local Laws on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking at countries where ScanCom operates its manufacturing or trading business.

ScanCom ensures proper investment on having a proper system for identifying the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking risks at its own facilities and its supply chain and a proper mechanism to prevent these risks from appearing within ScanCom and its supply chain.

ScanCom also collaborates with the internal and external stakeholders in addressing all the potential risks and supporting awareness programs on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking risks with appropriate prevention mechanism in ScanCom, its supply chain and the communities.