An update from ScanCom Vietnam by Lars Overgaard, Operation Director

We have a lot of success stories to share this year, after seeing growth across all areas of our operations compared to last year. Of course, none of this would have been possible were it not for the tireless work of our highly-talented operations team – who are always on-hand with positive attitudes and open-minds focused on finding solutions. Solutions drive us forward and our determination to find them is what pushes our KPI figures to their daily maximum.

Aluminum factory.

Our aluminium factory saw the addition of a 4500 square metre aluminum cutting/bending area to facilitate our order requirements for the season 2019/2020. The increased operating space, along with the implementation of two new double-end cutting machines from our machine improvement centre, has led to increased accuracy and improvement in overall quality. We have also doubled our frame-aging capacity by introducing a new aging-oven to our facilities.

aluminium factory

Wood factory

Courtesy of our long-term partner from Italy, Bacci, we implemented a new double-head CNC machine, bringing the total CNC work centres to eleven. Operating 24/7, 345 days a year, this is an area that is vital to our overall operations.

A source of great pride at ScanCom Vietnam is our new wood-scanning system, the first of its kind in the country; the board displayed great trust in the team to implement such a large-scale investment. The new system will revolutionize our wood sorting operation by streamlining the process and introducing automatic scanning rather than relying on workers’ vigilance. The scanner is not dissimilar to an MRI machine and with this advancement in technology, we can comfortably keep pace with our customers’ demands for the highest quality of wood.

As with any endeavor at ScanCom, we also have considered the system from a CSR perspective; the automatic feeding system is a welcome improvement safety-wise for our work environment.

As our wood operation continues to grow, so does our need to find more space.  Situated just forty-five minutes from ScanCom Binh Duong, our new wood centre will efficiently process logs through sawmilling, wood scanning and lamination. Components will then move to the excellent wood finishing centre in Binh Duong.

DuraWood factory  

wood factory

This year we expect to break our volume record for pelletizing. The team will produce more than five-thousand tonnes of FSC pellets by year-end. The pellets are the main ingredient in DuraBoard and DuraSlat products, both of which are market success stories. A new pellet machine has played a significant role in the increased production, with now four lines operating for pellets and a further DuraBoard line producing 330mm slats.

durawood factory

The investment story does not end there, as in all our factories we have been innovating with new packing solutions and soon will be able to offer all our customers two packing options. Both the traditional pack method and the ‘snake’ solution are now fully automated, allowing the three-million bags we need to pack to consistently meet the highest standards, with an even more accurate counter and final bag weight.

Even more investments are on the way for yet further improvements to our operations – a lot to be proud of – the only way we know how #doing business the right way.