Back to school: the digitalization journey at ScanCom

As children and students will soon be getting ready to get back to school, we too have spent the summer getting ready for the ‘new semester’ here at ScanCom. While production has run at a near-to-normal level, we are making good progress on several digital projects.

The last couple of months we have worked at a high pace to bring new initiatives to life, that will help take us to the next stage in our digitalization journey. Practically, this means that we are increasing our ability to ‘be’ where our customers are and renewing our customer and partner journey through new platforms and touchpoints.

Specifically, we have invested in a brand new VR-suite of our showroom and collections in order to enhance the ability for customers – old and new, big and small – to view our extensive portfolio of furniture; whether to avoid travelling or to better plan their visits. The new VR will contain detailed information about each range of products and will help bring our customers, sales representatives and our Mallorca or Ho Chi Minh City facilities closer together.

Another development is the renewal of our corporate website. We are working hard to create a new touchpoint for our partners as well as current and potential customers, sharpening our online presence and highlighting our good messages and stories even better. The new website will be created with our most valuable information and values in mind, and will eventually include a partner platform where additional and tailored information will be available.

Finally, we can lift the lid a little on a huge project to consolidate and combine some of our current internal platforms into one access point. This will ensure that our employees will have even better conditions for having the latest and greatest information available for performing their daily tasks – all the way from design, through production and to our sales representatives. This will more concretely improve the level of support and service we are able to offer our customers wherever they may be in the world. All of these initiatives will help ScanCom be better equipped for this new decade and further cement our position as a global leader in outdoor furniture design and manufacturing.