Building successful careers at ScanCom through the Management Trainee Programme

At ScanCom, our continued commitment to develop and improve how we conduct our business guided by, and in alignment with, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDG’s) has a profound impact on our initiatives and projects across our Group and at all levels of our company.

One of these initiatives is our Management Trainee Programme, in which we aim to educate and develop talents to become future leaders and drivers of ScanCom. This is done through in-company training, mentoring from top and senior managers, and working with concrete cases within the reality of our business and industrial environment. Developed as the perfect bridge between formal education and professional life, the programme aims at offering freshly graduated young people the chance at taking their theoretical knowledge and applying it in a professional setting. This allows the trainees to expand what they know and start their careers in an environment tailored for their first steps into working life. 


Offering this kind of education and providing real opportunities for future employment and development for the trainees. This complies with UN SDG’s #4; Quality Education, #5; Gender Equality and #8; Decent Work and Economic Growth.

While the first goal maybe goes without saying, offering employees and talents the chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills in a real working environment can help set careers off in a good way, not to mention offering something that you won’t find in a ‘formal’ education environment – mentoring. In terms of gender equality, we are actively promoting and supporting this goal with 5 out of our 9 employed trainees being female. Further, all our trainees are empowered to make decisions, bring new and valuable input to the table, and drive their own projects and tasks towards success.

Finally, with the demands of the workforce and work tasks changing, education with a view to future employment in a meaningful and productive way is paramount for us to ensure the future of the industry – not only for ScanCom, but for our valued employees and young talent as well.

This outlook to the future is backed by the fact that we are able to proudly share that of our 11 first graduates, 9 have been offered permanent positions within our organisation and have already started work across 8 of our departments/teams. In terms of proof that our commitment to initiatives of this nature, we will leave you with this final comment from one of our graduates: