Building successful relationships in our second In House Fair in Mallorca

The second Up Front In House Fair recently came to an end and we are pleased to report that it was a definite success in terms of collection selection and customer visits. In fact, it was so successful that we made the decision to extend the Fair past its planned end date in order to deliver excellent service to even more customers. The event is a perfect extension of our other global showroom in Vietnam and allows us to be even closer to our valued customers. A cornerstone of our sales strategy is focus and the building of strong relationships and the event included a number of workshops with our customers, agents and Global Commercial Team that were a pleasure to observe.

We aim to deliver sustainable growth through customer and market-driven projects and an emphasis on innovative design; our ambition is to ensure that we are responsible for the best products available in stores because we recognise that our success is measured by the sales and success of our products in those stores. We understand that our salaries are paid by our customers and therefore it is the very essence of our approach to create value for our customers by understanding their unique needs.

Lars Rudkjobing, Chief Business & Sales Officer explains the approach in more detail: “ The ScanCom global merchant team is diverse and has expertise in all areas- from our inhouse Design Team to our impressive business relationship managers and the superior customer service provided by all levels of the ScanCom staff. Added to that is the inherent will to win and deliver the best possible outcomes; Doing Business the Right Way is in our company DNA and this approach informs everything we do on a daily basis – there is no compromise and no alternative“.

A large feature of our approach to Doing Business the Right Way is in the area of CSR – it is a natural fit for our customers who share our values where sustainability and business are concerned. All that we do must be sustainable and at ScanCom we invest and support effective implementation across all areas of our business; it’s what the industry and our customers have come to expect from a company regarded as leading the industry in this area.

So, as we look back on the recent Up Front In House event, we are also looking forward to the next one and how we can make some improvements to the experience and overall event. Despite being a major global player, ScanCom understands that it must maintain a humility in approach; we recognise that we have to earn our growth and work hard to maintain our position in local and global markets. That requires complete focus and attention to detail on our part and the close co-operation and collaboration we enjoy with our partners at events like Up Front In House is a perfect illustration of that.