Creating value for our customers at the Gardiente trade fair 2019

With over 4000 employees around the world, ScanCom consists of many moving parts that align to deliver unrivalled production efficiency and customer service. We are always seeking new ways to optimize every aspect of our operations to allow us to offer our customers the best possible experience. We know that our success is intrinsically linked to that of our partners and clients, so we endeavor to deliver the best possible products and after-sales service.

Full-Service Provider

ScanCom designs and manufactures all of our outdoor furniture to the highest standards of durability and weather resistance. However, to maximise the lifespan of each premium finish, all of our products come complete with a hangtag with specific maintenance and care instructions. For end consumer convenience, assembly and maintenance videos are also available for some of our ranges. When it comes to photography, we have a dedicated team who is shooting professional images in our own studio next to the workshop – content which our customers can use for their marketing. We also run our own studio garden with different environments which allows us to capture the various moods, ambience, and tastes of our global customers.


As a leading global manufacturer of sustainable premium outdoor furniture, we are continually investing in our factories and facilities. Step into our state-of-the-art production facilities in Vietnam, Indonesia or Brazil and you will see first-hand the cutting-edge technology and machinery that lies behind ScanCom’s exquisite range of products. We go to great lengths to be environmentally responsible in all of our processes, aided by our production managers who are experts in their fields, we make the most out of the outstanding facilities we have at our fingertips. ScanCom takes CSR very seriously and we always ensure our staff have a safe working environment and fair work conditions in place. Our new fully-owned factory in Vietnam is a dazzling place that is a testament to the cross-departmental operational efficiency that ScanCom enjoys.

In-house Design and Testing

Close collaboration between departments is essential to keep every step of the production process in sync. Our in-house designers are part of the fabric of ScanCom and liaise with sales, marketing and manufacturing to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and also live up to our high standards of durability, quality and sustainability. ScanCom’s in-house Test Centre provides rigorous and comprehensive testing in all climates and weather conditions for every material used in the production process. We are proud of the lasting look, feel and finish of our products and this is reflected in the warranty that accompanies each component material in our product families.


The fantastic production facilities we have at our disposal allow us to guarantee on-time delivery of products to our customers. We ship some 500 containers a month all over the world, delivering out of the box full-service solutions to our customers at various parts of the supply chain. We now can offer mixed containers from Vietnam containing items with various materials mixed all in one container from one port. This allows our customers to optimize their orders and to streamline their sourcing while also providing greater access to the excellent variety available across our ranges. DAP deliveries are being assisted by our expert department in Vietnam and back office staff in Europe. Last but not least, with ScanCom’s dropshipping service, we can open up supply to an even more diverse set of customers and cater for the growing e-commerce business within our industry.

Creating Value

As industry leaders, we must keep improving and developing, and the most effective way of doing this is by creating value for our customers. This can be achieved by continuing to optimize our production methods to deliver the best possible product in the most environmentally responsible manner. Join us, as we continue on our sustainability journey. We are ScanCom; Doing Business the Right Way.