Creating Value In Our Own Backyard–Up Front In House at ScanCom Mallorca

September saw ScanCom Mallorca’s first Up Front In House event at our European Commercial & Design Centre in Palma de Mallorca. It was an opportunity for new and existing customers to get an advance preview of the 2019 ScanCom collection away from the intensity and hectic schedules of the major trade fairs. The event was a real success and considerable amounts of positive feedback have been received from visitors.

Lars Rudkjoebing, ScanCom’s Chief Business & Sales Officer, explains how the event created value for our customers as part of our commitment to Doing Business the Right Way – the ScanCom Way:

Innovation - At ScanCom, we are always looking to make improvements to the way we do things. Up Front In House was our way of interacting with the industry in a different way at a very important time of year, to take a break from the traditional model. We’re very pleased with the outcome because we know our visitors were very pleased with the event.

Focus - The big trade fairs can be exhausting for everyone – busy schedules and limited amounts of time to see people – and this means that building relationships and making good decisions can be difficult. The spectacular setting of our 3000m2 showroom is the perfect place for customers to focus on what ScanCom can offer them.

Collaboration – Visitors were able to spend extended periods of time with our team and gain an even better understanding of the opportunities we can offer. The exchange of ideas and information is vital in order for the needs and requirements of individual customers to be met. Collaboration is key to the creation of value and true partnership is where innovation really begins. We are customer focused and this is what drives our business at ScanCom.

This was the first Up Front In House event and we are looking forward to refining the concept over the coming years, in order to create even greater value for our customers. In November we will be hosting another in-house event in Palma, Mallorca during which new product families and materials will be showcased. Contact us to arrange a meeting so that you stay in front of the competition.