ScanCom Press Release

INNOVATION has always been in the corporate DNA of ScanCom and our forthcoming collection, released to an expectant industry later this month, is the latest example of the design and production excellence that our products provide. Get ready to be inspired by the freshness and ambition in evidence throughout the range. We want to help you create value for your business and promise to manufacture your hand picked ranges to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We offer the opportunity to customize the development of your business with the products, materials and quality that ScanCom provides in every area of our operation.

We provide an optimized bottom line for our customers without compromising on our vision of ‘Doing Business the Right Way.’ As Lars Rudkjobing, ScanCom’s Business Development Director explains:

The cheapest price is not always the best price. We strive to create added value for each and every customer in terms of the bespoke collections and ranges that can be manufactured to provide an original and individual product range to suit a range of requirements, tastes and market trends. This means the ScanCom products manufactured for our customers are unique and fully customized, which in turn prevents saturation and cannibalization within the industry.”

We know you’ll like what we do and how we do it so why not visit us at to find out why we’re the leading global manufacturer of premium outdoor furniture and accessories.