Design and Collaboration in our In House Fair in Mallorca

Our dynamic In House event has reached its mid-point at our spectacular European Design & Commercial Center in Palma de Mallorca and it seems an ideal time to reflect on what has been a hugely positive seven weeks for us and our valued partners. Of course, with the event continuing until the end of October there is still much work to be done with visitors and we are looking forward to ending the event on a really positive note. Building upon the foundations of last year’s inaugural In House event, we are pleased to report that feedback received has indicated that we have made it even better this year.

Since the start of September visitors from all over the world have joined us to get a preview of our exciting new product ranges and to discuss their plans for forthcoming seasons. At ScanCom we pride ourselves on “Doing Business the Right Way” because we understand that to grow our business we need to help our customers grow theirs. One of the major ways we can do this is by listening to our partners in order to understand their individual needs and In House has provided the perfect opportunity to do that.

Brian Jørgensen, Area Sales Manager explains: “In House has allowed us to strengthen relationships and increase the involvement of our customers in the design and production process and that has been a vital aspect of this year’s event. Unlike a trade fair, the tranquil and unhurried atmosphere of our showroom is the ideal environment in which to communicate with customers, to invite them to brainstorm with us, to listen to their proposals and to involve them in all aspects of the production process. It is a real hook for our customers because they know it will lead to the right product at the right price being delivered at the right time. That knowledge is built upon the warm and close relationships that our team forge with partners and an understanding of how ScanCom seeks to deliver the best value possible in all areas of our operation.”

The role of the Design Team also shifted for this year’s event and their involvement in main meetings with customers is something that has had pleasing outcomes. Quique Sanchis Moreno, Industrial Designer, offers some further insights: “As a supplier and manufacturer ScanCom is an innovative partner, committed to continuous improvement. Our flexibility is characterised by our extensive range of mixed media products that combines contemporary forward-thinking design with state-of-the-art production capabilities to give the best result for individual customers. The ease with which we can combine materials really differentiates us as a producer and direct contact with the production side of the process is very appealing to customers - we are pleased to offer that link. Our partners want to know that we share their core values and want a supplier who creates value for them. We recognise each business is unique and our solutions reflect that without ever compromising our core value of caring for people, the environment and conducting all of our business in a responsible manner. This approach is seen in our reputation as industry-leaders in the area of CSR and in our pioneering role in the use of FSC certified timber and sustainable materials. Numerous certifications and awards in this area attest to our position and the commitment to Doing Business the Right Way – the ScanCom Way.”

So as we now stand in the middle of our second In House event, looking forward to continuing to build relationships with our visitors but with the advantage of the feedback we have already received, a clear picture starts to emerge. The strength of our Design Team is growing and thanks to the collaborative process we employ, development and growth is mutual; we are constantly learning and that shows in the improvements made to our collections- better looks, better design and better innovation across the board. That is also reflected in our production, an area in which we continue to innovate and lead the way, not just in terms of quality but in our whole approach to manufacturing and adding value. We know that by helping to grow the businesses of our customers, it will help to grow our own too. If you haven’t yet visited us In House, there is still time to do so and add value to your operation- get in touch today and come and see us in our own backyard!