House Fair in Mallorca with Sascha Löffler, ScanCom Key Account Manager

As we enter the third week of our unique In House event, which is being held at our delightful showroom space in Palma de Mallorca, it seems a perfect time to take stock of what’s happened so far. Overall, the event - now in its second year - has been a great success up to now, with positive feedback and valuable experiences for both us and our much valued customers.

One feature of the event that many visitors have commented upon is our location and they are not just talking about the fantastic ScanCom showroom space. The island of Mallorca is a quick and easy journey from mainland Europe and therefore ideal for our visitors who have made their way from the SPOGA trade fair in Germany, of which there have been a considerable number. They have all commented on the contrast between the ScanCom In House event and a traditional trade fair. Not only does the large, light and airy space of our showroom allow more products to be showcased than a stand or booth at a fair, but also the relaxed and personal atmosphere is a long way from hectic hustle and bustle of a global trade fair. This allows our visitors to really get an insight into the inspiration behind the product through conversation with our designers.

And it’s not just the designers - the whole ScanCom Mallorca team is committed to Doing Business the Right Way and aim to deliver the perfect package for every customer. Our sales team have worked closely with visitors to add value beyond the product- discussion of processes and timelines means we can work closely with partners to improve delivery security at key times. We know our customers value that detailed exchange and In House makes that so much easier - collaboration is key.

Some customers come to In House to finalise arrangements for next season and or established partners and key accounts it gives the chance to look even further ahead to season 2020. Either way, we’ve got the space to show both our ongoing collections - like LifestyleGarden - and our new ranges as part of the Core Collection. It’s been great to have our customers here - it’s a big part of what we do: to build relationships and give the best service we can. We’re already thinking about how we can make our next event - in March - can be even better.

We’re always learning - a big theme over these last few weeks has been CSR, how it affects decision-making and business growth and the event allows us to demonstrate our industry-leading approach in that area. It reinforces our European presence and along with our other global showrooms, it gives us a worldwide reach. Every time we meet a customer and help them to grow their business, we know we’re also growing ours. It’s about partnerships and that’s what In House is all about.