New Exciting Collection On The Horizon

ScanCom Mallorca Press Release

As the calendar year of 2017 begins ScanCom Mallorca is delighted to announce the launch of its new collection for the forthcoming season. Next month the team in Mallorca will open the doors of the Design & Commercial Centre in Palma to present a new, fresh and exciting range for 2017/18. The collection includes an array of new designs, products and colour options, created in response to customer feedback and market trends. Once again, ScanCom has delivered a collection that combines ethically-sourced materials with forward-thinking design and state-of-the-art production techniques, resulting in a world-class range of products that strengthens ScanCom’s position at the forefront of the industry.

The opening of the Design & Commercial Centre just under a year ago has given ScanCom a conveniently-located European hub which has allowed valued customers to visit us and engage with the range in its superb and spacious modern showroom. The Centre has also assisted in the facilitation of close collaboration and interaction between designers, sales agents and customers and the first year of operation has been an unqualified success. Business Development Director Lars Rudkjobing explains: “Collaboration is a cornerstone of ScanCom’s vision of ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ and we recognise that forging partnerships through close consultation is essential for the design and manufacture of consistently innovative and interesting products. After almost a year of operation, it has become clear that the process of working closely with our customers creates value for both parties and results in hugely positive outcomes. The Design & Commercial Centre allows opportunities for our designers to liaise and co-operate with key customers and European Sales Executives in a relaxed and welcoming environment and customer feedback has been uniformly positive.”

The new ScanCom collection showcases exciting developments in addition to new designs that build upon the proven strengths of mixed material manufacturing and consistently upgraded state-of-the-art production technologies. Another key feature of the launch is the vibrant new LifestyleGarden collection which offers a wide range of interesting new products and colour ranges, providing attractive options for outdoor living spaces of all kinds.

Anticipation of the new collections is evident and appointments to view the dynamic new collection have already been made by customers who want to see the range as soon as possible after the launch. In the words of Lars: “We are excited about sharing our fantastic new designs and products with those customers who have already made arrangements to visit us in Palma and we would encourage other retailers to follow suit. Visiting the Design & Commercial Centre allows our customers to get a fuller picture of the ways in which ScanCom is committed to ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ and enables them to get an insight into how the atmosphere of collaboration and partnership is beneficial for all concerned.”