Only A Week Until The Second House Fair Event Begins In Palma De Mallorca

Excitement is growing at the ScanCom European Commercial & Design Centre in Palma de Mallorca because there is less than a week until the 2nd House Fair event is due to begin. Our team in Mallorca is really excited about meeting visitors and showcasing the latest innovations and developments that we’ve been working on in preparation for next season.

Taking place between September 5th and 28th, House Fair will preview fresh and exciting items from our new ScanCom Core Collection for 2019/20 plus products from our rapidly-evolving LifestyleGarden brand and ranges for the forthcoming season, including a sneak preview of what our design team have been preparing for 2020 and some new retail solutions for our customers. What’s more, there is the added bonus of our new Solitaire Collection – an innovative range of handpicked standalone pieces that can also be combined as part of a larger set, offering customers variety and versatility. We are really excited about this new development that showcases these unique products in a dynamic new context and we know our visitors will be too.

Chief Business & Sales Officer Lars Rudkjobing explains: “We aim to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and offer added value for our partners across every aspect of our operation and that is the major motivation for the House Fair event. The event facilitates the opportunity for our customers to get a head start through early planning for next season. Of course, for new customers House Fair is the ideal chance to build relationships with us in an unhurried atmosphere that is far from the hectic hustle and bustle of industry events.”

House Fair takes place at our amazing showroom site in Mallorca, with the spacious environment and relaxing surroundings presenting the products in the best possible way and allowing guests to get a real handle on what value creation means for ScanCom and our customers. The beautiful island of Mallorca, with its convenient location and well-developed infrastructure, is the perfect setting for potential customers to enjoy a relaxing trip to Palma and get an insight into why ScanCom is a perfect partner. The event is due to take place at the European Commercial & Design Centre in Palma de Mallorca. In the first instance please contact Victoria Botin ( to register or schedule an appointment.