Open Letter on Covid Situation

Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

With the escalating COVID pandemic taking place in several of our operational countries, we are now forced to close down our main factories in Vietnam. This is due to the latest government restrictions and still escalating spread of the COVID; and the safety of people – both inside and outside our company – is our first priority.

As many of you remember from last year, and some of you are living through now, we are in the midst of an unprecedented situation, which requires our full attention. We’re fighting to understand the impact, from loss of production capacities – reduced shipments of inventory to financial impact. Not only for our company, but for our customers and colleagues as well.

In many areas of our operations – Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam – COVID is creating havoc. Factories and the supply chain are under extreme pressure, but have so far been incredible agile to facilitate the wants and needs of Society and Economic demand. However, this is not a sustainable situation, and with the current temporary closures of our factories, it is certain that the pressure will not be lessened any time soon.

For our dear customers and partners: you should know; your on-time deliveries are being challenged and will be delayed.

All scenarios are being analyzed and discussed, and we try to cope with the situation as best we can, but it will have a heavy negative impact on the delay shipments for the coming business season. From a Vietnam and Indonesian perspective – our two main operational countries – we can assure you that every possibility and every scenario for us to come through for you is being looked at and thought through.

Special, voluntary setup for our colleagues to stay overnight, to continue our work and production as best we can.

We ask all of our partners and customers to show patience and understanding in these challenging times due to the COVID escalating pandemic. To penalize ScanCom and our global supply chain of not making a scheduled delivery in the current period is an unnecessary and long term negative commercial strategy, as we are doing our utmost to cope with the situation.

As a manufacturing supplier, we saw roughly 12 months ago that some of you (customers) asked us and our factories for help with changed payment terms, reduced/delayed orders and storing of goods until you were ready to receive them. Now it’s your turn to support the fundamentals of our collaboration and partnership with an open-minded approach, understanding, advanced payments and flexibility in shipments and orders.

We fully understand that discussions are already taking place, and many of you have already been very forthcoming and we truly appreciate this understanding from you, but I wanted to reach out to you all and explain the reason for current uncertainties and challenges you are likely experiencing.

Stay healthy, safe and well, and I fully believe that we will get through this together.

Stig Maasboel, ScanCom CEO