ScanCom’s High Quality Outdoor Wicker

Petan® is ScanCom’s synthetic rattan fibre, an environmentally friendly, durable and weather resistant wicker which has a natural colour and feel. Petan® products put a modern twist on an old favourite by using traditional hand-weaving techniques in combination with a cutting-edge material that has been developed over the years, using special blends of polyolefins and colours in order, to provide the highest levels of performance for use in outdoor furniture.

These blends give the Petan® fibre its unique look and extra strength and also produce a surface that is able to withstand heavy use while also being extremely comfortable to sit on. Petan® also has excellent colour fastness due to its very high level of UV resistance. It is also very flexible, meaning complex weaves can be achieved to create beautiful designs. All Petan® components and products are meticulously hand woven for the highest levels of quality.

full woven cert


full woven process