ScanCom’s Natural Choice For Outdoor Furniture

For hardwood products ScanCom uses FSC certified eucalyptus, a natural, living material that adds character to any piece of outdoor furniture, in addition to being long-lasting with weather-resistant properties. Our hardwood components and products can be treated with a range of weather-resistant finishes, each of which enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

To remain innovative within the outdoor furniture market, ScanCom has developed Formwood®, a new form of natural eucalyptus, allowing beautiful curves and elegant shapes to be created. Formwood® is created using lamination techniques which allow the hardwood to be made into new designs.

ScanCom’s Formwood® products have been proven to be up to 30% stronger than natural hardwood. By bending the hardwood, the grain follows the shape, similar to a tree growing naturally in a curve. The grains intertwine and strengthen the hardwood.

The eucalyptus wood used for manufacturing ScanCom products can be traced all the way back to its origin. All of ScanCom’s hardwood is exclusively grown in FSC certified regenerated plantations.

ScanCom’s hardwood complies with EU Timber regulations, the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2011 and the Lacey Act in the USA.

FSC hardwood certifications