All of ScanCom’s outdoor furniture is designed and manufactured to provide the highest levels of durability and weather-resistance as well as looking great with a minimum of maintenance. However, we do understand the importance of prolonging the life and maintaining the premium-quality finishes used on many of our pieces. Each of our products will have a hangtag attached that provides specific care and maintenance instructions for the individual product in addition to some general guidance about storage. However, we do understand that some materials will require more maintenance than others, depending on the climate, frequency of use and desired look.

We know that the cutting-edge technology and materials used in our products and finishes can make choosing a maintenance program a difficult task and that is why we have produced a range of care and maintenance products that will ensure ScanCom pieces stay looking pristine for extended periods of time. All of our Duralife® maintenance products are formulated for a range of purposes and are ideal for use with the materials we use in our collections. Whether it is simply cleaning a fully-woven sofa set, or reviving and sealing a table made from premium-quality recycle teak, we have the right product for your needs.

Also, we are aware that accidents can happen and our finishes are not indestructible if a mishap does occur. That is why we have also created a range of touch-up kits to be used if your Duraboard® or Duranite® finishes get scratched or chipped. They are easy to use and will allow you to make sure your ScanCom products continue to look great.

Hardwood Maintenance

Painted Wood Maintenance

Teak Maintenance

Aluminium Maintenance

Petan Cleaner

Duranite Maintenance

Steel Mesh Maintenance

More information about: Maintenance Safety Data Sheet