ScanCom’s Natural Choice For Premium Outdoor Furniture

Teak is one of the most exclusive wood species in the world, renowned for its rich golden-brown colour and weather-resistant properties. It is also highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew, providing protection against the elements and heavy impacts in the outdoor living environment.

The wood used for manufacturing our teak products and components can be traced all the way back to its origin. All of ScanCom’s teakwood is exclusively grown in Indonesia and complies with Indonesian TLAS regulations, which means the wood can be traced all the way to the place where the tree once grew. In addition to the teak grown on FSC-certified plantations, ScanCom manufactures products made exclusively from recycled teak wood components, sourced locally in Java, Indonesia

ScanCom’s hardwood complies with EU Timber regulations, the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2011 and the Lacey Act in the USA.

      FSC teak certifications