Recognition for ScanCom’s Magic Touch at the Gardiente trade fair 2018

One of the standout pieces from the ScanCom premium collection - the Antibes chair - received an honorary commendation at last month's Gardiente trade fair. The Antibes was selected by the judging panel of experts to appear in the exclusive “Trend Area” of the exhibition, with the judges giving particular praise to the innovative surface design and comfort of the seating.

Inbal Kahaner, the Chief Designer of the Antibes collection, was invited to give a short presentation to the assembled press and industry delegates, in which the inspiration for the eye-catching quilted appearance of the Antibes seat was explained. The innovative 3D feel of the finish - the "Magic Touch" - creates a snug and soft indoor look with materials designed to give high performance outdoors, resulting in a perfect fusion of form and function. The Antibes breaks down the barriers between indoor and outdoor design, a theme that characterises much of ScanCom's recent and forthcoming collections. In fact, new collections from ScanCom and some innovative solutions for season 2020 will be launched at our In House fair, that begins on the 3rd September at our value-adding European show room in Palma De Mallorca.

The recognition at Gardiente 2018 was a great honour for ScanCom and the Antibes is the most recent example of the company's continuous drive to produce innovative products that are at the forefront of the industry in terms of design and production. Feedback at the trade fair for the Antibes was extremely positive, echoing the general positivity around the collection as a whole and the influence of ScanCom - Doing Business The Right Way!