Restructuring ScanCom Indonesia facilities to increase efficiency

With an off-set in the necessity of increasing cost-control in the industry, our ScanCom Indonesia have recently undertaken a restructuring of the organisation, in order to both increase efficiency, reduce delays and add more competitiveness through value creation within their operations.

Previously, the layout of our Indonesian workshop facility was very departmentalised and this would sometime cause delays due to disruption of flow and time spent on moving material around. Now this has been restructured in a manner where the workshop floor includes an almost conveyer belt-like layout where raw material ‘travels’ from one station to the next in a continuous flow, reducing the time spent for waiting and moving the wood around.

scancom indonesia

Nico Vizano, Managing Director at ScanCom Indonesia, said: “One of the strategies is focussed on how to LEAN up the production and get out from the average performance into a more competitive one. The LEAN input-process-output workshop we have held has resulted in a re-layout, to accommodate the focus on delivering product on time with the right quality. This helps us create an “execution focus” within the process to be more detail on quality. This includes us having a clear STOP/GO corner of quality control.”

Scancom indoensia
scancom indonesia

The latter enables our Indonesian team to use their time and energy on delivering a higher output, but also to focus on quality control and tackling smaller challenges that inevitably arise from time to time in a production context. In turn – and very importantly-, the working environment is also improved as the workshop is more tidy, easy to navigate and because there is now a bigger focus on the important tasks for the facility, our employees also feel they spend more time on meaningful work.

The entire initiative of change is very much in line with our motto of Doing Business the Right Way as we strive to deliver quality and precision for both our customers and our valued employees.