ScanCom and LifestyleGarden® excels at Gardiente and SOLEX, winning praise from industry leaders and securing two awards for DuraOcean®

ScanCom and LifestyleGarden® having been making waves this summer, at two of Europe’s most prestigious outdoor furniture trade shows. Following on from bronze medal success at Gardiente in Germany, the DuraOcean® chair scooped the Best New Product award at SOLEX in the UK last month. The awards were not the only cause for celebration, as our partnerships with both Der Grüne Punkt and the Eden Project continued to blossom.

Der Grüne Punkt Head of International Sales, Michael Gibler, was on the ground in Germany working alongside the ScanCom team. The new materials on display ensured that the collection stood out from the crowd, with the DuraLand and DuraOcean materials proving popular talking points among visitors. ScanCom International Chief Business & Sales Officer, Lars Rudkjøbing was also present at Gardiente. He spoke glowingly about the shared vision that makes the partnership work: “Closing the cycle and delivering sustainable innovation is only possible through collaboration. We are great admirers of the work of De Grune Punkt, who since 1991 have been transforming recovered single-use plastics into a high-quality raw material. ScanCom remains firmly committed to investing in education and eco-innovative production methods. It’s at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to have partners that share that passion.”

SOLEX, which took place at Birmingham’s NEC in July, proved equally as successful for the LifestyleGarden® team, with retail buyers flocking to catch a glimpse of the new 2020 range. LifestyleGarden® reinforced its position as a leader in sustainable outdoor furniture – and as a true innovator with a firm commitment to Doing Business the Right Way.

Judges declared DuraOcean® “the clear winner by miles” as the industry gathered for the highly-coveted Best New Product award on the event’s opening day. ScanCom International CEO Stig Maasbol was on-hand to collect the accolade, describing the award as “a great honour.” Stig added: “It shows that our whole sustainability story is coming out and reaching a broader audience, which is very important to LifestyleGarden® and ScanCom.”

LifestyleGarden® Sales Director, Paul Cohen, was delighted to see next season’s range capture the imagination of the crowd, “With buyers increasingly environmentally conscious, the LifestyleGarden® stand was buzzing, as retailers placed orders for 2020. For many, it was the first time they had seen next season’s range, and a unique opportunity to showcase LifestyleGarden®’s exclusive partnership with the Eden Project – and how LifestyleGarden® and the Eden Project are driven by the common goal of environmental responsibility.”

The ultimate endorsement came from David Harland, CEO of Eden Project International, who visited the show to witness the full 2020 range of LifestyleGarden® furniture that proudly displays Eden Project branding. David said: “The story behind DuraOcean® is fabulous. It’s on point and in-vogue in terms of messaging, especially after the work carried out by Sir David Attenborough and Blue Planet. It’s not just about recycling plastic bottles and fishing nets, but developing genuine closed-loop thinking within our economy. People talk a lot about a circular economy, and this is an excellent example. To put it bluntly, we need more of this.”

With both partnerships still in their relative infancy, this early success bodes well for future collaborations. The excited reaction to our 2020 range suggests that our customers are just as committed as we are to sustainable development and Doing Business the Right Way.