ScanCom Announcement Related Incident On June 17

ScanCom International are deeply saddened to announce that a fire in one of our factories last Friday, June 17, have cost the lives of three of our colleagues, as well as injuring another.

The incident happened at our wood factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam, Friday afternoon and was believed to have been swiftly put under control. A further complication arose (the details of which are still under investigation) and the four workers were subjected to flames and sustained injuries. Three of the four men passed away during the course of the weekend.

In a statement ScanCom Group CEO, Stig Maasboel, stated: "It is a very tragic situation, and all our thoughts are with the families of the employees. We are currently working with the local authorities, with 100% dedication and openness, in order to determine the exact cause and timeline of this terrible accident. A thorough investigation is underway to help us with this."

ScanCom remain committed to the families of the departed, and will support them during this trying time. This includes a voluntary fundraising internally, aside from official company support. Finally, counselling and support are being offered to those employees closest to the incident and anyone else who needs it.