ScanCom Indonesia showing great spirit in facing Covid

Sometimes time goes fast, and sometimes time goes slowly - 2 years into facing a new challenge and the world still struggling with COVID-19; not least Indonesia where cases have increased recently. Our colleagues in ScanCom Indonesia (SCIN) are naturally impacted by this situation, and in order to minimize the virus spreading among employees, SCIN has developed procedures and health protocols - in accordance with government recommendations. In addition to these, a Working from Home (WFH) policy was introduced for our back office colleagues. Since June, the maximum capacity in the office has been 30-40% and so far without decreasing the quality and quantity of our administrative work.

Another addition to the standard protocol, we also formed a COVID-19 Task Force which consists of representative employees from all departments. Their task is to ensure that all procedures and protocols related to COVID-19 are fully implemented and to be a good example for their peers and lead the way to tackle the difficult situation. As a preventive action, we conduct swab testing and have a screening process for all new employees prior to their employment. We continue to educate all employees with materials related to COVID-19 through flyers, posters, social media and other media.  We encourage all our employees to be open about their condition and report any concern immediately if they feel/suspect any COVID-19 symptom.

Swab testing for new employee, body temperature checking by COVID-19 Task Force and hand washing

We have seen a great commitment from our colleagues in living up to all these conditions and keeping us going, and we remain positive that we can get past this and back to a more normal life. Providing our employees with the setup to work from home – or any of the other changes we have put in place – is only half the battle, and the other half has been the great positivity, high spirits and engagement we have seen from our colleagues to adapt and perform under difficult circumstances.

Staff doing WFH

We would like to express our thanks to all employees who give their full support on this situation, and share their great dedication with you.

Stay safe and healthy!