ScanCom International A/S wins Sedex Responsible Business Award for Best Environmental Sustainability Programme (Suppliers)

ScanCom International A/S was named the winner of the ‘Best Environmental Sustainability Programme’ award at the 2020 Sedex Responsible Business Awards. The award recognizes companies that have successfully implemented a programme related to protection of workers or their surroundings and improve environmental issues.

We are extremely pleased with the recognition this award symbolises and the fact that we are able to deliver on our strategic project for sustainably sourced and recycled plastic” says Stig Maasboel, Group CEO. “As a global leader in outdoor furniture design and manufacturing it is very important for us to constantly push the bar on how to conduct our business in accordance with our group principle of ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ and successes such as this only further shows that this is the only way for us to do business.”

The awarded project is part of ScanCom’s recycled plastic initiative and was focused on the combined effort of design and manufacture of high-quality outdoor furniture made from recycled marine plastic and recycled post-consumer plastic, respectively – the result being the DuraOcean® and DuraLand® materials. Through partnerships, ScanCom are able to source industrial and post-consumer plastic waste that is then prevented from polluting the world’s oceans and landfills, and with two uniquely developed formulas, the plastic is then turned into beautiful chairs and tables at ScanCom’s own factory.

ScanCom Sales Director for the U.K. Market, Paul Cohen, adds, “We have always held the importance of sustainability in high esteem and the introduction of DuraOcean® and DuraLand® is testament to this. We passionately believe in the work we are doing and that our products have the potential to truly change the way consumers buy, by enabling them to make more responsible choices.

Stig Maasboel closes, “This is just one aspect of our initiative for sustainable sourcing, designing and producing, and we are continuously adding more materials in support of this sustainable journey – with the addition of Social Plastic® in 2021 we have a portfolio of three recycled plastic materials available to our customer and consumers; all differently sourced but combating the same global plastic challenge.

Sedex states, "Judges described the award-winning project as a great example of closed loop innovation turning ocean plastic into a valuable product."

The Sedex Responsible Business Awards shine a spotlight on responsible sourcing programmes and broader sustainability initiatives, recognising those organisations going above and beyond. For the official award announcement of ScanCom and the winners from other categories, follow this link:

About Sedex

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About ScanCom:

ScanCom International A/S, which is 100% part of the Lars Larsen Group, have in recent years become one of the dominating actors in the global market for design, development and responsible production of outdoor furniture.

The company employs more than 5.000 people, primarily at the company’s own facilities in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam, respectively. Sales activities are conducted from own offices and departments in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, while there are global showrooms to be found in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, in Palma, Spain, and in Basildon, UK.

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