ScanCom International Design Competition


ScanCom is delighted to announce the first edition of our International Design Competition.

Part of our commitment to our values and aims, relates to the continuous development and nurturing of talent, as well as our constant journey of inspiration and innovation. With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge, as well as state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal, it is a natural step in a direction of collaboration and forwarding new talent within the world of (outdoor) furniture design.

Starting from today (February 24th) and until May 19th, ScanCom will be accepting applications from hopeful and talented design students, putting forward their dreams and ideas for potential future products in the furniture market.

We will review the design proposals and select a handful of finalists who will then be invited to join the final, at an event in Copenhagen in September. A jury of industry professionals – ranging from design, manufacturing and commercial – will be present to meet the designers and evaluate their inspiring designs.

ScanCom will support in production of prototypes and ensure that physical samples will be available live for the jury to examine and vote for during the event. ScanCom will also support in covering transportation and travelling costs (if any) for both product and designer.

Competition details:

Theme & Direction: Create The New Sustainable Dining Experience

Suggestions from ScanCom’s side. These are open choice:

  • Product Types: Tables, Chairs, Armchairs, Lounge chairs, Stools, Benches, Sofas.
  • Material Types: Wood, Aluminium, Laminates, Ceramics/Glass, Polymers, Stones, Innovative materials promoting sustainability - Mixed Material is a focus.

Evaluation Criteria: Our evaluation jury will be comprised of both ScanCom and industry specialists, who will evaluate each design submission based on five criteria:

  • Functionality - Including suitability to environment, target vs. solution, and final application and use.
  • Materials - Choice of material(s), based on recyclability, optimization for production, renewable sourcing and lowering environmental impact.
  • Manufacturing - Industrial scaled production capability, optimization of waste-reduction/inclution in production.
  • Lifecycle - Construction strenght for longivity, circularity of product related to repair, reuse or refurbishment.
  • Social Impact - Resilient design, accessibility, cultural support (from material choices), physical & mental well-being of users & community, fostering of togetherness (in the application).
  • Innovation - New ways of outdoor living, including with new mechanisms, material choices, feasibility at scale.

Prize: As a finalist, you will have your design idea evaluated by industry experts and featured in relevant channels from key players in the furniture industry, as well as the opportunity to collaborate in bringing your design to life a prototype. The final winner will be invited to our operations in Vietnam (expenses carried by ScanCom) to participate in the development process, eventually amounting to a real production run.

Submission criteria and conditions: A detailed design idea, in the shape of sketches, renders and technical drawings is to be submitted for evaluation by ScanCom before the deadline. Our team of designers and market experts will then choose the finalists. The finalists will be contacted directly for collaboration and creation of prototype samples. Only individual work is accepted, no group submissions.

ScanCom will not claim ownership of any designs without the specific consent and confirmation from the applicants, and will similarly not guarantee a full production run outside of initial sample creation. ScanCom commits to covering any material and development costs connected to the competition finalists’ prototypes.


For your submission, or any questions you may have, feel free to contact ScanCom’s Marketing & Communication Manager, Patrick, via e-mail: