ScanCom launches new website

ScanCom International is very excited to announce the launch of our new corporate website at, a development that will see the company’s online presence become even stronger. The new enhanced website follows on from ScanCom’s move on to a range of social media platforms, a drive that has improved our interaction and relationships with customers and consumers alike. The strategic decision to establish a social media presence was founded upon the desire to consolidate and enhance our position as a leading global manufacturer of premium-quality, socially compliant and environmentally responsible outdoor furniture. We are confident that the new ScanCom website will only serve to further our appeal and allow a wider audience to gain insights into what makes ScanCom unique.

ScanCom International’s presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has improved engagement and is sure to be complemented by the unveiling of a new, improved corporate website. The upgraded website coupled with the successful launch across social media platforms will allow us to better interact with various stakeholders and the public. We want people to know more about who we are, what we do and why our commitment to “Doing Business the Right Way” has made us leaders within the industry. The new, improved website will certainly facilitate deeper understanding of the core values of the ScanCom brand in addition to providing information and content that will be attractive to potential new and existing partners alike.

Commercial Director Rene De Kok explains why this is particularly important to ScanCom: “We are widely recognised as leaders within the industry for our high standards in all areas of the business and evidence of best practice and a dedication to continuous improvement can be seen throughout ScanCom’s facilities and processes. There is a huge amount of expertise and experience throughout the ScanCom workforce and that is a major aspect in our success. That is not always clear to a customer or consumer when they see a product and we want to ensure that people understand what our company motto of “Doing Business the Right Way” actually means. Content marketing and social media is the best way for us to do this. We understand the importance of reaching out and connecting with stakeholders and allowing them the opportunity to do the same with us and the new website will be integral to that. Increased communication and interaction can only lead to improved relationships and increased satisfaction from customers and consumers, which is a driving principle of the ScanCom vision. ”

Indeed, ScanCom’s dedication to conducting business in a socially compliant, environmentally responsible and ethical manner is clear and something the company takes extremely seriously. The award of a prestigious CSR Abroad prize from the Danish ministry in recent years is perhaps the clearest example of this, and those within the industry are aware of the company’s rigorous standards. Now ScanCom wants the wider world to have the opportunity to gain some insights into and awareness of the values and mission of the group.

Also, as a truly global operation with 12 legal entities in 3 continents and customers in over 50 countries, ScanCom recognises the need to be as accessible as possible and our new corporate website will contribute to that. We feel it will be a very positive addition to our online presence and it is something we are very excited about as we continue to develop our business and become the preferred manufacturer of ethically-produced, premium-quality outdoor furniture.”

The launch of the new ScanCom corporate website will dovetail with the social media launches and together they will be the platforms for a range of content that demonstrates the values and services that define ScanCom International. Those who follow ScanCom on these channels can expect to see a broad range of material and content including advance views of new products, insights into manufacturing processes from industry experts, information about the supreme-quality materials and world-class methods used to make our furniture, advice and information regarding the maintenance of our products and much, much more. In the words of Stig Maasbol, CEO of the ScanCom group: “We know that by “Doing Business the Right Way” we are providing our partners and collaborators with the highest level of customer satisfaction without compromising our values and principles. We are confident that if people have more exposure to those values and how they are applied to every area of our business, they will want to start “Doing Business the Right Way” with us as their preferred partner.”

Come and visit us at to see how we are “Doing Business the Right Way” and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more exclusive content and news.