ScanCom Mallorca Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary

Lill Karin Øveren, Category Manager Indoor & Outdoor Furniture for COOP Norway:

My initial reaction was just that the showroom looks fantastic, it really is a spectacular space that brings the best out of the product line, making it easy to see the potential in the collection. The combination of the classic product range with the fresh and trendy design of the showroom works very effectively.

The ScanCom Design Team being present is another important aspect of the new site: it enables better communication and exchange of ideas and it really is interesting to see how they work. They are international in their outlook, drawing inspiration from iconic European designers, and work with mood-boards and other techniques to consistently deliver fresh and commercially attractive products. It’s not just the designers however; the whole ScanCom Mallorca team are focussed on providing the best service possible, operating with a can-do attitude and positive approach. It all combines to provide a very satisfying experience from the customer’s point of view.

Torben Friis, Product Manager Outdoor for ID Design:

In terms of the garden furniture industry, ScanCom’s Design & Commercial Centre in Palma is probably the best and most inspiring showroom I have had the pleasure of visiting. The location on the beautiful island of Mallorca is ideal for many European buyers in terms of travel convenience, and the relaxing ambience of the area lends itself to tranquility and time for deeper contemplation of the products. The setting really does add to the overall experience and the high levels of service on the island add to that. The presence of the Design Team on site also facilitates collaboration with customers so that the best possible product or collection is available for the varying tastes and requirements of different markets. We have had some very positive exchanges of ideas with the ScanCom team and they always respond with innovative concepts to match our brand and vision. Clearly that is true collaboration, vital to any partnership, and we are very pleased with the outcomes of our ongoing relationship with ScanCom.

The showroom itself is very impressive indeed and the sheer scale and scope of it means that there is a very wide selection of styles and families for all markets. From experience I know how unusual it is to be able to view such a range of products under one roof. In some ways, that helps to define the company itself as ScanCom offers a portfolio of innovative products and materials unlike any other garden furniture manufacturer. Always looking to develop and stay at the forefront of the industry, the Design & Commercial Centre is further evidence of how ScanCom aims to make dealing with them a more positive experience for their customers.