ScanCom stays strong and positive

We hope this message finds you all well, and that you are all healthy and safe.

At ScanCom, it is among our highest concerns to ensure that our employees, customers and partners are all safe, secure and comfortable. This way we are certain we can find a way of staying strong and positive and fight the Corvid-19 together.

We continuously find new ways of working to keep doing business the right way and being available for all your enquiries. As such, we are still available online, via phone or e-mail and our teams of employees are ready to support our customers and partners in any way they can.

Because our team is spread out across the globe, we are all exploring new ways for standing together and working with the tools we have at our disposal. A few quotes from our employees in Europe, to inspire and enlighten you:

web simon
Simon Barberis - Senior Market Manager

"On my side, I keep my normal daily schedule unchanged, up at 6am and start working from 7am. I actually take advantage of this situation to make a special food diet and a daily “work out” session

Thanks to all the communication tools we have available today, our productiveness is not really impacted – further, I really feel that such an event make actually all of us be closer and stronger together. We are all acting with the same goal, do the best we can to limit the damage while keeping the best service possible towards our customers who are already suffering from the global lockdown.

I would say that our motto ONE GROUP - ONE COMPANY is more than ever important and solidarity will be the key to come back stronger after this crisis! "

“We are doing all the efforts to continue working and being in contact with our customers and colleagues, luckily there are a lot of tools which allow us to make distance shorter.

I get up every morning following a routine and adapting to my new job space (shared with my kids), who have to continue learning online as well. So we are all very busy, but always having fun! 

Greetings from Mallorca, we come back to our offices and showroom soon and stronger, stay connected, keep communicating. We are a big team in the world and all together we overcome this situation. YES WE CAN!”

Victoria Botin –Office & Showroom Manager

Patrick Møller -Communication Manager

“I got my setup ready for #workingfromhome and I remain very positive that we will all rise above this challenge. Now my biggest worry is some morning coffee and a comb

First, we learn to crawl and then to walk - from there it is only a quick step before we run.

I genuinely believe that this will only help us explore new possibilities and learn new ways of working together, so for me there is no doubt that we will come out stronger as a group! #proudtobescancom #staypositive”

“As Queen would say: Don’t stop “us” now.

Home office, no problem. Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

The most important thing now is to stop COVID-19. At Scancom’s Design & Business Development Departments we don’t give up. New innovative and creative solutions will come.

Stay tuned, and stay safe. #proudtobescancom”

Quique Sanchis –Designer
Quique Sanchis –Designer

Paula Mahoney -Accounts Administrator
Paula Mahoney -Accounts Administrator

Today is day 3 of working from home – very strange as I am use to working in the office with my Scancom team.  I say team but really, we are a family.  In difficult times a family would pull together and here at Scancom UK this is what we are doing.  It’s tough and will get tougher but we will get through this and we will all look back at today and say “yes we did this”.

Stay safe everybody and look forward to seeing you all soon xx”

“I hope you are all well! I thought it was going to be hard working from home without my friends around me, but I still have them we just chat through our phones still laughing and making jokes. We work as a good team, but now it somehow feels even stronger than before, we are all pulling together to make sure we can do the best we can.”

Stay Safe Everyone.

Kelly Gray -Sales Administrator
Kelly Gray -Sales Administrator

Catherine Gillis –Sales Administrator

“Although I am missing my lovely friends at LSG UK, I am happy to still be in contact with them working from home.

It isn’t nice for everyone, but we are a good team and we all have to keep safe and get through this.

Take care everyone … hang in there and see you all soon”

Facing this together and with our positive and industrious attitude is without a doubt the best way for us to keep writing our story of success.

Together, we can fight the spread of corona and ensure that we are all safe and sound; and we are committed to be there for you in any way we can.

Stay safe and stay positive.