ScanCom supports the Danish Campaign “Knæk Cancer” – “Stop Cancer”

innings 21 years ago in Denmark has been steered and driven by the people we have employed in that time. We’re pleased that we have managed to stay true to our beliefs and allow ScanCom people to take us in all kinds of interesting directions. We’re with Steve Jobs on that one: you don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do, you hire smart people to tell you what to do.

Every area of our business has staff with expertise and considerable industry experience, from the in-house European design team to the production teams and engineers at our production facilities, who are constantly finding innovative ways of manufacturing premium-quality outdoor furniture that is sustainable and safe for the environment. We rely on our ScanCom people to give us their best and we have to do the same in return. After all, without ScanCom people what would we be?

A cornerstone of ScanCom’s vision of “Doing Business the Right Way” is continuous improvement; we know that has to be based on a mutual agreement with our employees, which is why we have a proven commitment to our staff and their families. Also, as a truly global operation with 7 subsidiaries in 3 continents, at ScanCom we pride ourselves on being an ethical employer with an industry-leading reputation in the area of CSR, both environmentally and socially.

Indeed, ScanCom’s dedication to conducting business in a socially compliant, environmentally responsible and ethical manner is clear and something we take extremely seriously. The award of a prestigious CSR Abroad prize from the Danish ministry in recent years is perhaps the clearest example of this, and those within the industry are aware of our rigorous standards. Our employees are our lifeblood and we need to keep them healthy, positive and committed to making ScanCom an even better place to work. That’s why we offer numerous opportunities for Continued Professional Development in addition to offering schemes for health and safety, teambuilding and various social, sporting and entertainment events around the world.

ScanCom understands how important it is for our staff and their families to be healthy and happy and an illness can often be a very difficult time for everyone. We know that cancer affects everyone, old and young, male and female and is something that we must continue, as a global community, to attempt to eradicate. Time, money and effort are the basis of all quality research and development and the fight against cancer is no different- that is why ScanCom supports the Danish campaign Knæk Cancer-Stop Cancer which aims to raise money and awareness with a fundraising show.

Arranged by The Danish Cancer Society and Denmark’s national television channel TV2, the campaign gains more momentum on Saturday 24 October when TV2 will broadcast the show to raise money for the battle against cancer. Only if we all make a contribution, in whatever way that may be, will we be able to improve the quality of life for our children and our children’s children- our aim of “Doing Business the Right Way” is one way we can have an effect.