ScanCom UK Joins Sedex

At ScanCom, for 21 years we have taken pride in “Doing Business the Right Way” with ethical and sustainable practices having been at the basis of our corporate vision. At times, the demands to provide ethical data and assurances to customers can be laborious, with the need to comply with various codes of conduct and undergo audits also being highly time-intensive.

All companies and organisations are under constant pressure to monitor and improve the quality, efficiency and performance of their supply chains. Public awareness of unsafe or unethical working practices, dishonesty or disregard for the environment or local community in terms of supply chains, can all deliver a negative impact to a brand’s image or a company’s reputation, which in turn can have much broader implications.

Therefore, in order to minimise these possibilities, ScanCom has recently become a member of Sedex, an organisation that offers a simple and effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in our supply chain. By allowing suppliers to share the same data with many customers, Sedex helps reduce the need for multiple audits, allowing both parties to concentrate on making improvements. As the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, Sedex is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution, helping to reduce risk, protect company reputations and improve supply chain practices.

ScanCom views Sedex as an important and valuable tool for sharing good practice and contributing to improvements, both social and environmental, in our supply chain. As a company we are dedicated to ongoing development and advancement in all areas of the business and membership of Sedex is part of that; we recognise how the organisation has driven a reduction in duplication and an improvement in terms of standards. Operationally, the Sedex tool also saves us time and money by allowing us to share the same information with multiple customers, also greatly reducing the amount of paperwork we deal with.

We are very hopeful for our continuing involvement with Sedex as we see our membership of the scheme as further proof of both our desire to make continuous improvements to our operations and our aim of being the perfect partner for our customers.