ScanCom (Vietnam), celebrates being shortlisted for 2019 Sedex Awards

ScanCom (Vietnam) is enjoying significant industry recognition, having been shortlisted for the ‘Best Collaborative Effort’ award at the recent Sedex Awards (March, UK).

Each year, the Sedex Awards celebrate the incredible efforts its members undertake globally to ensure the work they carry out is done so in a sustainable fashion and impacts upon the environment in the least possible way. This year there were five awards categories highlighting collaboration, environmental and labour programmes. Award entries were shortlisted based on their level of innovation, scale of impact and implementation, possibility of replication and transparency of communication and leadership.

ScanCom was just one of three companies that was shortlisted for the highly-contested ‘Best Collaborative Effort’ award, and whilst not scooping the prestigious award in 2019, the fact that ScanCom made the shortlist is a significant and valuable achievement. The ‘Best Collaborative Effort’ award showcases examples of how members are collaborating or partnering with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders to improve working conditions or to solve a responsible sourcing challenge. Receiving industry recognition at this level is an accolade reserved for very few and is something that ScanCom will remain proud of long into the future.

The award were judged by this year’s panel of judges, made up of Mark Driscoll, Founder and Director at Tasting the Future, Svetlana Yarovikova, Senior Risk Manager at Carlsberg, Doroteya Vladimirova, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Sustainability Institute at University of Cambridge, and Jermyn Brooks, Chair, Business Advisory Board, Transparency International.

Together the judges viewed the phenomenal efforts that ScanCom undertakes to ensure that it continues to provide innovation and excellence without compromising its vision of “Doing Business the Right Way”. Together we aim to create outstanding products that combine international design expertise with state-of-the-art production techniques and a proven commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, and this was recognised and commended by the judges.

Lars Rudkjøbing, Chief Business & Sales Officer at ScanCom, said: “Sedex is an organisation that recognises and celebrates sustainable businesses, and the steps they are taking to ensure that such business practices become the norm, not the exception. I am incredibly proud of the work that ScanCom (Vietnam) have undertaken, and believe that being shortlisted for the Sedex Best Collaborative Effort award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of each and every team member. Let us together celebrate this success, and use it to inspire ourselves to aim higher and achieve more – together we can show the world how easy it is to ‘Do Business the Right Way’!”

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Sedex is a global membership organisation that operates the world’s leading ethical data exchange platform and supports over 50,000 companies worldwide to improve responsible sourcing practices in their supply chain.