ScanCom’s Lynton Range A new twist on an old favourite

The ScanCom collection for 2016/17 features the Lynton family, an elegant and innovative range that is perfect for those who love wooden furniture in their outdoor space but without the worry of frequent maintenance and damage from the elements. In many ways, the Lynton and the materials and processes used to manufacture it embody the ethos of the company which prides itself on the innovative, sustainable manufacturing of premium-quality outdoor furniture.

The Lynton is made from Formwood®, ScanCom’s unique form of natural eucalyptus, all of which is FSC®-certified, which allows beautiful curves and flowing lines to be created. The elegantly contoured collection emphasises curvature and the result is a timelessly chic look that will enhance any outdoor living environment.

Added to this great appearance is the fact that Formwood® products have been proven to be up to 30% stronger than natural hardwood, as Boje Bendtzen, founder and designer for ScanCom explains: “The strength is due to the innovative lamination techniques used on the sawn lamellas, rather than cut ones, of eucalyptus wood. These lamellas are then bent so that the grain follows the shape of the component, similar to a tree growing naturally, which then leads to the grains intertwining and strengthening the hardwood. ScanCom’s in-house Research and Development department spent many years developing and testing Formwood® to ensure that it meets all worldwide regulations for strength, durability and weather-resistance. We are very pleased with the material and the products we can design thanks to its properties- the Lynton is the perfect example of that, a very elegant, strong chair that represents a new kind of outdoor wooden furniture.”

Innovative design also means that the Lynton is completely knock down for easy transport, packaging and assembly and the innovation doesn’t just stop there with the Lynton, however, as the timeless appearance, durability and weather-resistance of the collection is enhanced by the coating of premium-quality Duraseal®, ScanCom’s industry-leading paint. The paint finish enables moisture flow in and out of the wood, allowing it to breathe naturally and preventing it from drying out. Duraseal® was developed to provide the highest levels of resistance to climactic conditions, so that it would prolong the outdoor life of the furniture. Additionally, it is completely safe for the environment and no harmful chemicals are used in its production.

Back to Boje Bendtzen for some further detail: “The coating process gives a beautiful smooth and sleek finish that is available in a whole range of colours. We believe it is perfect for outdoor wooden furniture as it provides great protection from weather and will not fade for many years. The coating process uses multiple layers which deeply penetrate the wood pores for maximum adhesion. The elastic properties of Duraseal® enable the wood’s natural movement, caused by changes in temperature, to be followed which prevents the paint from cracking or splitting. We are so confident of the quality of the finish that it comes with a 5-year warranty against it cracking or falling off.”

Another feature of the Duraseal® finish is that it requires virtually no maintenance beyond tightening any hardware every couple of months and washing it with soap and water, as it has been formulated to withstand intense weather conditions. As Bendtzen explains: “At last wood lovers can have garden furniture that is virtually maintenance free and is made to last. We all know that as life becomes busier with technology, it is important to have time to enjoy with those close to you, so you don’t want to be spending time and money maintaining your furniture, you just want to use and enjoy it. With the Lynton you can and one of the things I like most about it is that a traditional, living material has been given a modern twist thanks to the technology we have used to develop the product. A nice fusion of the classic and the new.”

The Lynton family features individual seating and table options and has been expanded with a tea trolley, wheel lounger and bench to give relaxation and variety in any outdoor space.

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