Stand Together with ScanCom to Crack Cancer

ScanCom International is pleased to announce its continued support for Knaek Cancer, a Danish campaign that seeks to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer. After providing support to the project in 2016, ScanCom is looking forward to making a further contribution to the 2017 campaign.

Knaek Cancer - translated as Crack Cancer - is the result of collaboration between The Danish Cancer Society and Denmark’s national television channel TV2. It is a cause that has become increasingly visible over the past 5 years, during which time over 712 million Danish kroner has been raised and used in 215 projects. In the course of their lifetime , 1 in every 3 Danes will be diagnosed with cancer and although over half will survive, it still accounts for the death of 43 Danes every single day. Clearly, there remains a need for information, prevention funding and to increase the quality of life for cancer patients and their relatives. The 2017 Knaek Cancer 2017 project will cover a range of media and events from mid October, culminating with a spectacular live collection show broadcast on TV2 on Saturday 28th October.

ScanCom understands how important it is for our staff and their families to be healthy and happy and an illness can often be a very difficult time for everyone. We know that cancer affects everyone and we must continue, as a global community, to attempt to eradicate it. Time, money and effort are the basis of all quality research and development and the fight against cancer is no different- that is why ScanCom supports Knaek Cancer which aims to raise money to help combat cancer through research, prevention and patient support. We recognise that cancer is a global issue and only if we all make a contribution, in whatever way that may be, will we be able to improve the quality of life for our children and our children’s children.

At ScanCom we have a proven dedication to Doing Business the Right Way - the ScanCom Way. It defines who we are as a company and underpins our drive for continuous improvement in all areas of our operations. We rely on ScanCom staff to give their best so that we can deliver the highest levels of service possible and we understand that our employees are vital to our continued success. After all, without ScanCom people, what is ScanCom? Our employees are our lifeblood and we need to keep them healthy, positive and committed to making ScanCom an even better place to work.

As a truly global operation with 7 subsidiaries across 3 continents, ScanCom is proud of its reputation as an ethical employer and an industry-leader in the area of CSR. We also know that our relationships must go both ways; not just with our customers but with the environment, our staff, and the communities within which we work. That is why we support a wide range of programmes that seek to drive positive changes in communities through charitable events and support. If we all stand toghether then no one stands alone.