Value creation and innovation at ScanCom In-House Fair Mallorca 2019

With October just around the corner, excitement is building for the ScanCom In-House Fair, Mallorca 2019. All eyes will be on the new additions to our core collection for the 2020-2021 season. The new designs will be proudly displayed alongside the Lifestyle Garden range in the dazzling showroom of our Commercial and Design Centre. The centre is just a short flight from mainland Europe for many of our clients, with the facility conveniently located close to our core EU market.

Since its launch in 2016, the fair has proven a big hit with visitors and this year looks like it will be no exception, with many of our key customers already booked in for a visit throughout October, November and December. The in-house event is far-removed from the scramble of a traditional trade fair, with customers able to explore the spacious showroom at their leisure, getting a hands-on look at the latest innovations on offer for the new season.

Area Sales Manager, Simon Barberis, who is based out of Palma, stressed the importance of the ScanCom In-House Fair and the collaborative nature of the interactions with customers,

‘The fair is an essential element in our ongoing efforts to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction, by delivering added value wherever possible across our operations. It is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and strengthen existing ties, but most importantly, it allows us to listen to and interact with our clients so we can continue to innovate and offer value going forward. We do not stand still at ScanCom, improvement and innovation are part of the DNA of our company and our in-house fair showcases this in the best way possible.’

The collection itself is a testament to both our commercial team and also the unrivalled production efficiency we enjoy, further cementing ScanCom’s position as the sustainable leader in our industry. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation and value creation is unrelenting and this is reflected throughout the showroom. Don’t miss out on your chance to see first-hand how ScanCom can offer outstanding value as a partner both in this coming season and the years to follow. Get in touch today and arrange a visit to our In-House Fair.

The event is due to take place at the European Commercial & Design in Palma de Mallorca, to find out more please contact your nearest sales manager or Victoria Botin ( to register or schedule an appointment.