What does “Doing Business the Right Way” mean to you? By Carina Nielsen

It is easy to speak of doing business the right way, but what is considered “right” may vary widely from person to person, so we need to ensure there is a common philosophy at the company’s core. We asked our Nordic Sales Manager, Carina Nielsen, for her interpretation of the Scancom mantra:

“Doing Business the Right Way means many different things to me, but first and foremost as mass producers, we need to ensure that our materials are not only of the highest quality but also are produced with the least possible environmental impact. Our DuraLand® and DuraOcean® products are exciting initiatives and along with our FSC certified wood and DuraBoard, are a great source of pride for the company. The integrity of these products gives us all confidence in what we are doing and that we are playing our part in trying to save the planet.”

However, Carina does not think that is where our responsibilities end in terms of carrying out correct business practices, “Doing Business the Right Way,” is a multi-faceted commitment, “With a cross-national business such as ScanCom, we need to be able to guarantee the welfare of our employees is protected across our operations. Finding the right people for the job, then training and paying them well is the first step, but to do it entirely the right way we need to invest in their career development. By teaching our employees English, we allow them to increase their understanding of the world outside of Vietnam and give them the opportunity to grow as people. By appreciating and investing in our most vital resource, we gain a motivated workforce, one of the many rewards of doing business the right way.”

The desire to do business in this way is something that dictates the decisions we make on a daily basis. We want to make the world a better place by bringing sustainable and recyclable materials to our customers. We try to treat people well in all our dealings, be they customers, employees or suppliers. Doing Business the Right Way is what makes ScanCom tick and what drives our success. WE ARE SCANCOM!