What does ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ mean to you? By Dang, Nguyen Thanh – CSR Senior Manager

To me, ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ is not “just” a business strategy and part of the ScanCom Group DNA, but very much a motto and a principle that I use as a directional guideline in my work every day.

In term of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), DBtRW relates very much to continuously achieving the highest levels of compliance across a wide array of subjects – regional and international legislation, national and international standards, customer requirements and standards, as well as company and group own commitment to planet and people. DBtRW also relates to fixing the ‘gaps’ in any system or approach and polishing these for the benefit of the company, surrounding communities and our stakeholders.

As such, I always argue that DBtRW is very much about moving forward and towards the aims of a global mission. A global mission of doing the very best we can in accordance with key initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact. Our CSR initiatives related to sustainability, circularity and a desire to be a positive part of developing the manufacturing industry are significantly guided by our motto and influenced how we conduct our business here at ScanCom.

Concretely, I can say that I am very proud to support driving a continuous commitment to key ideals behind not only how we manufacture, but how we do everything across our ScanCom Group to maintain the mandatory standard: no child labour, zero corruption, better living wages, efficient energy and resources consumption and compliance throughout our supply chain.

We must not, and will never, forget that we are ultimately on the planet on loan for our future generations, and keeping true to Doing Business the Right Way represents both a privilege and a responsibility from my point of view – and I always look forward to see what we can do better for!