What does ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ mean to you? By Lars M. Overgaard – Group Chief Optimization Officer

Aside from #Doing business the right way being our foundation in ScanCom Group throughout all departments and the countries we operate in, for me personally it is a very important platform and a motto we need to walk the talk from.

This also means, that we have to integrate this way of thinking into how we work on a daily basis – not matter where we are or what we do. This could be small, but very important, things; such as having a respectful daily communication with each other, or that all ScanCom employees are active and aware of helping to make the working environment super –from both the human and operations perspectives.

This way, ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ truly becomes a team effort. I always like to say that ‘it is just more fun to play football with others’ and I believe this is very much what it is like when we talk about how we do business and conduct our work – it’s just more fun when everyone is part of the team.

On a practical level, it is also a guideline for how we can make sure that there is space for everyone needed in our ScanCom Group; regardless of gender, nationality, religion, age and so on. This helps us, and have helped us, develop ScanCom for both us and our partners and customers.

Outside of our own ‘little bubble’ this guiding principle also helps us by respecting and developing our suppliers, giving them the opportunity to be the very best in the market. In turn, this helps us maintain our leading position in investments, developments, operations and a high, high quality of output to our customers. Not only that, because of respecting and helping suppliers develop, we are also able to help the environment by working fairly and sustainably with sourcing and producing – for the good of all of us.

In short, ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ is what helps us be at the forefront of the industry, internally and externally. At ScanCom we use this principle to be the best whether it is as a workplace, as a sustainability frontrunner or as the customer first-choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Doing Business the Right Way’ means to be a trustworthy partner for all stakeholders – inside and outside the ScanCom Group.