Wide Duraboard®: Quality from the Inside means Quality on the Outside

ScanCom’s Duraboard® is a truly unique material that sets a new standard for outdoor table tops. Strong, stable and sustainable, Duraboard® offers peerless performance in all climates and is available in extrusion widths of up to 110cm. ScanCom’s Director of Wood, Lars Overgaard explains why our industry-leading material is the future of outdoor table tops:

Durability: As its name suggests, Duraboard® is designed for living and made to last a lifetime. The finish is made for frequent use, is resistant to UV and scratches and offers excellent performance in all weather conditions thanks to a customised, multi-layer UV treatment.

Performance: Duraboard® is strong and stable but without the awkward heaviness and expense of natural materials with similar properties, like marble and stone. Duraboard® is sufficiently lightweight for ease of lifting and movement without losing strength. Unlike glass, there is no risk of breakage and Duraboard® offers safety and reliability with no maintenance apart from an occasional wipe down with soap and water.

FSC-Certification: Duraboard® is a uniquely-formulated composite of polyethylene and sawdust that is recycled from our own production lines. Not only does this minimise waste and make excellent further use of the original wood, it also means that Duraboard® has full FSC certification and is fully recyclable, making it a truly unique and innovative contribution to the industry.

Quality: At ScanCom, we are always looking to make improvements to our products and processes and the development of Duraboard® is proof of that commitment. Every stage of the Duraboard® production process is completed in-house to ensure the integrity of the supply chain and to meet our stringent standards.

Versatility: The unique formulation of Duraboard® and its surface treatment means that a wide range of finishes can be applied to the table top. This means that a host of different looks can be created, perfect for use in combination with other other materials. The maximum extrusion width of 110cm also allows a diverse range of shapes and sizes to be created, opening up new design possibilities.

For further information about Duraboard® products please visit www.scancom.net