ScanCom International A/S are proud to announce that our CEO, Stig Maasbøl, is the winner in the category ‘Green Solutions’ at the 2021 HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards.

Stig Maasbøl received the prize at a ceremony held at the Royal Danish Palace of Amalienborg on August 27 2021. The award recognizes a person that have successfully driven and implemented initiatives that contribute to a better environmental effort, through presenting an outstanding effort in promoting sustainable Danish products, services and values worldwide.

The award is given based on Stig’s dedication and involvement in driving projects of sustainability and ethical manufacture and consumption. In this case revolving ScanCom’s recycled plastic initiative, which is focused on the combined effort of design and manufacture of high-quality outdoor furniture for the Global market place, made from recycled marine plastic and recycled post-consumer plastic, respectively – the result being the DuraOcean®, the DuraLand®, and the Social Plastic® materials. Working in accordance with the principles and direction Stig implemented several years ago, partnerships have been consolidated allowing ScanCom to source post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, and with three uniquely developed formulas, the plastic is turned into beautiful furniture at ScanCom’s own factories in Vietnam. This also prevents the plastic from polluting the world’s oceans and landfills.

Photo by Keld Navntoft

“It almost goes without saying, how pleased I am with being the recipient of this award. The recognition of His Royal Highness and the Danish Export Association for the efforts we at ScanCom are making, in accordance with our motto and principle of ‘Doing Business the Right Way’, just strengthens my deep founded belief that you can be both responsible and ethical when manufacturing at scale,” says Stig Maasbøl, Group CEO.

But I don’t like saying ‘I did’ or ‘me’ in relation to the work we do, as it is always a team effort. I consider myself a recipient of this prestigious award on behalf of the many colleagues and partners that have played a part in bringing our sustainable initiatives to life..”.

“In challenging times, such as the ones we are going through, where priorities and efforts inevitably shifts for many, being able to receive an accolade like this is perhaps even more significant. It shows, that even in times of adversity, a strong and true commitment to planet and people will ultimately be recognised as meaningful and important.” Stig Maasbøl closes, “It is important that we at ScanCom and others in our industry, remains pro-active and keep seeking new opportunities to unite business goals with those of the United Nations Sustainability Goals.This award therefore not only represents a recognition of our efforts so far, but also a responsibility to continue our work and commitments to this, as well as for me to remain active and visible in setting the course for ScanCom and the industry.”

The Green Solutions Award is focused on deliverables that are in line with, and supporting of, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals; especially initiatives aimed at international climate goals. Stig Maasbøl’s leadership and direction, resulting in ScanCom’s recycled plastic initiative, has facilitated a project that is a part of the Global effort to combat the plastic pollution problem that the world is facing.

Photo by Keld Navntoft

HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards are awarded in collaboration with the Danish Export Association and are aimed at shining a spotlight on Danish companies who work responsibly and outstandingly in order to promote and deliver sustainable products, services and values worldwide. To read more about the award and its history, follow this link:

About HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Award:

Since 1982, HRH Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour has been awarded to individuals and companies who present and outstanding effort in promoting Danish products and services abroad. HRH Crown Prince Frederik carries on his father’s legacy with his very own award.

The Danish Export Association runs the award in cooperation with the Royal Danish Court and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One award is given within three different categories. The award can be presented to personsagentsdistributorssubsidiaries or companies based abroad.