At ScanCom, as we have recently started the new season (the outdoor furniture manufacturing season starting in September, to be ready for the summer), we look back on one of the major successes, after what has been a difficult year or two – The Red Dot Award for our Stream Chair design!

We take this opportunity to also extend the spotlight and gratitude to a few key people that has been crucial in taking the beautiful design from inspiration to final product.

Our incredible team includes the best in the industry from creating the material composition and formula – in full compliance, naturally –, to the technical requirements needed to allow a well-planned and smooth production of a high-quality piece. The team behind the Stream Chair includes: Ms. Bac and Ms. Tram (Product Managers), Mr. Dung (Technical Manager), Mr. Andreas (R&D Senior Manager) and Mr. Tung (Plastic Production Manager); each an absolute winner in bringing sustainable design dreams to life.

Speaking on the role of development, Andreas shares: “It is always nice to see a product coming to life, going from an idea to a finished product. Adding to that, it is good to know we are doing something good for others, using our Social Plastic® to support the clean-up of the environment and supporting collectors in affected areas.”

Mr. Tung adds to this: “As our Plastic Factory Manager I'm very proud when I can introduce visitors and customers to the production line of the Stream chair – it’s not every day you get to make an awarded design a product reality.” Before Mr. Dung finishes: “As a member of the plastic design team, The Stream chair is the most difficult design I have worked on. At first, when Inbal shared her idea, I thought it couldn’t be done – but it’s amazing! We succeeded with the project and won the Red Dot Award. The design team always try to come up with a variety style of designs to help customers have more choices and this is a great example of that.“

An immense effort and a lot of time goes into a project aimed at creating beautiful designs that are well suited to use recycled material. Together with their teams, these five ScanCom stars deserve all the praise we can give them and more, for making the Stream Chair project a great ScanCom Innovation & Design success.

Something to be very proud of, as Ms. Bac states: ”Taking part in Stream developing process is one of the professional contributions I am most proud of! We have created a product range bring inspiration and sustainability to the our customers in a wonderful design – what’s not to enjoy when you can have the comfort of the chair and protect the environment at the same time.”

Ms. Tram adds to this: “As a member of the plastic development team, I'm incredibly happy that our product combines environmental friendliness with sustainability, diversity in its design, and ease of assembly/disassembly to bring convenience for our end-users.”

A special, honourable mention and ‘thank you’ to Mr. Avner Lifshitz for his great support on the 3D engineering of the unique Stream pattern.

From all of ScanCom, to the Stream Team – Thank you, and congratulations!