ScanCom is pleased to announce that the Test Centre at our world-class production site in Vietnam has received VILAS accreditation from Vietnam’s Bureau of Accreditation. The accreditation is a result of our test facilities meeting the requirements of International Standard ISO/IEC 17025, a globally-recognised standard that covers a range of testing and calibration methods and procedures.

Because we are always looking for fresh ideas using cutting-edge materials and processes, the Test Centre plays an integral role in the development of premium-quality, exciting products that are made to last. The state-of-the-art Test Centre is able to conduct a range of tests on products: strength, mechanics, weathering tests, climate simulations and a host of other tests are also carried out so that we can assure our customers, existing and potential, that we value quality, reliability and integrity. The capability to test full products is vital in ensuring that we continue to meet our exacting standards and it is in this respect that the biggest benefits will be seen.

Edwin Van Der Sloot, ScanCom Vietnam’s Managing Director, says: “At ScanCom we are committed to our corporate vision of ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ and the ISO/IEC 17025 is the latest example of our dedication to continuous improvement in every area of our operation. Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our continued success and the proven TQM system of the Standard is certain to bring additional improvements in that area. The International Standard is recognised globally for its commitment to quality and competency in addition to improving the ability to consistently produce valid results. All of which is positive for ScanCom and our customers.”

In addition to enhancing ScanCom’s appeal to potential customers and markets, the accreditation will also drive some other positive developments. Savings in time will be immediate: in-house testing can now be completed in a single week rather than the two it takes for external testing to be carried out. On site testing also leads to a reduction in waste and increased efficiency, in addition to highlighting areas where improvements can be made. The added advantage of interaction and close collaboration with the Research and Development department means that adjustments and modifications to samples are made more quickly.

We never stop striving to become a better partner for our customers because innovation and ongoing improvement are in the corporate DNA of ScanCom. We don’t compromise on the principles that underpin “Doing Business the Right Way” as we look to maintain our leading position within the industry. To find out more about ScanCom and “Doing Business the Right Way” visit us at . We know you’ll like what we do and the way that we do it.